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I woke up some weeks ago with a terrible pain. During the Midweek service, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that as I partake in the on-going love feast, that it will cleanse whatever the problem was. I believed and acted in faith and today I am totally healed.… Read More

During the March 2023 edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, my dad gave his life to Christ. This encouraged me to do bigger for the next edition.

We were currently experiencing hardship at home, which… Read More

I joined the ministry 2nd October 2021 during the Healing Streams program and I was able to reach out to over a thousand persons for that program. Right after that, soul winning became my lifestyle.

As a cell leader,… Read More

Last month, I met a certain lady and exchanged contact with her. Few weeks later, I called her and I found out that she was suddenly struck with a stroke. I visited and prayed with her and also gave her the Healing To The Nations Magazine, instructing her to make… Read More

I was diagnosed with a medical condition that affected my mind in 2009. I always felt very feverish and full of fear and so I isolated myself away from people. My family took me everywhere yet had no solution, so I had to solely depend on drugs to be sane.… Read More